Post-Surgical Instructions

Following any surgery you may experience some:

• Bleeding
• Swelling
• Discomfort

This is normal and should not be a cause for alarm. By following these instructions you will minimize problems.
You may use ice for 10-15 minutes out of each hour for the first six hours to hold down swelling. If you swell, it will peak about 24 hours after the surgery and be gone in four to five days. Stop the use of the ice after six hours. Do not use heat packs at any time.

• Keep the area quiet for the first 24 hours.
• Minimize lip movements and talking.
• Eat softer foods and chew away from the surgery site.
• Do not pull your lip back to look at the sutures or stick your tongue into the surgery area.
• Do not rinse vigorously or brush your teeth for the first 24 hours.

If bleeding occurs after the first hour, try applying pressure with a wet tea bag directly to the incision site. Pressure should be continuous for 20-30 minutes. If bleeding does not stop, call the office.

Do not use dental floss at the surgery site nor brush directly on the site until the sutures are removed. You may start brushing the other areas of your mouth 24 hours after the surgery.

We will remove the sutures in three to seven days.

Warm salt-water rinses will help speed up healing and keep the area clean. Use one heaping teaspoon of salt in one glass of warm tap water. DO NOT start the warm rinses until 24 hours after the surgery.

Take any prescriptions as directed.

Feel free to call the office if you have any questions or concerns. We can be reached through the answering service: 510-895-1470.