Financial Policy

Patients with Dental Insurance:

As a courtesy to our patients with insurance, we will contact your insurance company and estimate what your initial copayment will be. If treatment is completed in one visit, your copayment must be received in full at that time. Please keep in mind; this is only an estimate and coverage verification does not guarantee payment. It also does not guarantee the estimated cost given to you is the total amount due. 

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Patients without Dental Insurance:

Patients who do not have any dental insurance are required to pay in full by the completion of treatment. If treatment is completed in a single visit, full payment is due at that time.

Credit Card on file

All patients are required to have a credit/debit card on file. This will be for any balance remaining on the account after the insurance company makes payment. A financial agreement will be filled out and signed on the day of your initial appointment.

Care Credit

For your convenience, we do offer an interest free financing plan. Care credit is a line of credit exclusively for your healthcare needs. Once approved, payments can be broken down into a 6 month payment plan. Please visit for more information and details.

NOTE:  If your insurance company does not reimburse us after 2 submissions, you will be responsible for the remainder of the balance since we were unable to collect from them.

Refunds/Remaining Balances

If your insurance company pays more than the estimated copayment amount given to you, you will be sent a refund check. This check will be sent to you within one week of receiving payment from the insurance company.

If your insurance company pays less than the estimated copayment amount given to you, your credit card on file with be charged the remaining balance. If the balance is $100 or less, the full amount will be charged. If the balance is over $100 it will be split into two equal payments and separated 30 days apart.